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Since 2000, Kala Massage has for sale and for rent some  of the world's best massage equipment and massage supplies such as:  massage tables, massage table rentals, massage chairs, massage chair  rentals, massage table sheets and headrest and facerest covers (washable  and disposable), leg bolsters, massage table warmers, massage table  fleece pads, massage table carts, massage table travel carry cases,   thai massage mats, shiatsu massage mats, massage stools, massage oil and  lotion holsters, massage oils, massage lotions, massage creams -- the  following may need to be special-ordered: massage table headrests and  facerests, body bridges, inversion tables, body cushions and  accessories, massage tools, massage dvds, massage cds, aromatherapy  essential oils, massage hot stones, anatomical charts and books and  models, elasto-gel ( elastogel ) hot and cold therapy wraps and packs,  kool'n'fit ( koolnfit ) pain relieving liquid sprays. We can also  special order many massage and bodywork, spa, acupuncture, medical, and  physical therapy items by request.
Our chief goal is to provide  the shopping experience of-a-lifetime, so that you not only return, but  that you share us with your friends. We believe in:  you-get-what-you-pay-for... we focus on quality, service, speed,  convenience, and honesty. Thank you for your business: we exist because  of you. massage tables nyc for sale in New York massage tables nyc for rent in New York Kala Massage in New York

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Due to the  proliferation of the practice of showrooming, we kindly request that you  first call us to discuss your needs - Thank you

By  Appointment Only. Please call 1 646 294 7646 or 1 800 476 7979 for  same-day service in most cases, within the New York City tri-state  region.