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Body Bridge ( Khalsa Bodywork Table = $1,699 )

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Thai Yoga Shiatsu Mat


Lightweight Foldable Foam Mat

This is a High Quality Thai Yoga Shiatsu Mat.

For  people experienced with Shiatsu Mats its easy to see this is a VERY  light mat compared to the cotton shiatsu mats. A good alternative if you  need your mat to be portable or easily put away into storage.

It has built in handles and can easily be lifted up with one hand.

Call for present color availability.

The  Exercise/Sleep Mats work out in more ways than one. Take them along for  a day at the beach or for camping in the woods! Use them for yoga or  for shiatsu massage! Pull them out for friends and family to sleep! And  when you're done, fold them up and store them in your closet. What could  be handier? The Four-Fold has handles and 2 velcro straps. 

Detailed Info:

54x75" -- Cotton Cover -- 1 1/2" High Density Foam -- Weighs 12lbs -- Portable convenient 4-Fold Mat

Folded Mat is 54x6x19" -- when laid out it is 75" long

This mat is made out of Foam with a washable Cotton cover.

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